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Direct sales of tyres

Sector specialists

At Lucena Neumáticos we specialize in direct sales of tires, which represents a high percentage of our activity. We offer great experience and professionalism in this sector, for which we have a wide variety of brands and sizes in stock, wanting to highlight the exclusivity of our brand ALLIANCE.

Agricultural Vehicle

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Private car

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24 hour service

Always operational and at your service

Neumáticos Lucena S.L. offers you our attention 24 hours a day.

Thanks to our fleet of mobile services, equipped with all the necessary to solve an unforeseen event as if you were in our installations, we can attend to you at any time and in any place. We adapt to your needs, place and time are not a problem. We want to help you whenever you need us!

We attend to all types of vehicles: agricultural, trucks, cars, etc.


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Mechanical Services

Our fast mechanical services


We offer you our professionals, they are experts in covering the multiple needs of fast mechanics to ensure the perfect maintenance of your vehicle.

  • Oil changes

  • Filters

  • Brake pad change

  • Distributions

  • Shock absorbers

  • Brake maintenance

  • Air conditioning recharge

  • Wiper blades

  • Batteries

  • Exhaust pipes

  • Coolant

  • Alignment

  • Balanced

  • Nitrogen inflation

  • Tyre washing machine


We rescue your tires

Retreading is a process by which a worn tyre is resurrected by putting a new tread on it. Before the process begins, the tyres are thoroughly inspected to ensure that they are not damaged and that the performance and safety of the retreaded tyre are not compromised.





Efficacy and safety at the best price

Vulcanization is done in cases where we find a slight puncture or a cut on the surface of the tire. It is a technique that we will use as long as we do not compromise the safety of the whole tyre and certainly the safety of the vehicle. Very fast and safe, it is also more economical than a complete tyre change.

This technique is carried out with very hot sulfur, this material applied to the rubber from which the tyres are made manages to increase its resistance both to the pressure to which it is subjected during driving, as well as to the various meteorological factors.